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    New Date of Our Congress 24-27 October 2021

    • 5 September 2021 Deadline for Abstract Submission
    • 5 September 2021 Deadline for Abstract Submission


    Though Thoracic Surgery was accepted as a separate specialty in our country, there was no separate thoracic surgery association. In parallel with the increasing need for a separate thoracic surgery association, the establishment work began in 1997 as the main association of thoracic surgeons. Thoracic Surgery Society was officially founded in 1998 and the central office of the society was decided as Ankara.

    Upon the completion of the election for first executive board, the name of the association was revised as Turkish Society of Thoracic Surgery. The number of executive board members was initially determined as 7 were increased to 9 and the representation was made with three surgeons from each; Ankara, Istanbul and other cities. Turkish Society of Thoracic Surgery , which has approximately 1000 members today, with central office in Ankara and 3 branch offices in İstanbul, İzmir and Gaziantep continues its activities, seeks for solutions to different problems of thoracic surgery with 7 working groups and shares up-to-date information through dozens of meetings and courses organized in addition to the biennially held congress.

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